H-7650 Transmission Electron Microscope

The H-7650 transmission electron microscope was manufactured by Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., (www.hitachi-hta.com), Pleasanton, CA.  Applications include bright field imaging of dry particles (1-100 nm) and thin sections (< 100 nm) and selected area diffraction.


  • Spatial resolution, 0.2 nm (lattice), 0.36 nm (point-to-point)
  • Accelerating voltages- 40 kV to 120 kV
  • Magnification ranges- HC mode (200x-200,000x), HR mode (4,000x-600,000x)


  • Cold trap and cold finger
  • Image rotation
  • Auto-focus, auto-stigmation
  • Specimen stage- side entry, x,y position memory, image navigation
  • Integrated, side-mount CCD digital image camera system (Hamamatsu Orca HR,
  • 2944 x 2624 pixel format), model XR 60 from AMT Corp., Woburn, MA)
  • Selected area diffraction apertures

Acquisition of this equipment was supported by the National Science Foundation
under MRI-DBI-0520956.

H-7650 Instruction Manual