Stereo Fluorescence

Leica M165FC Fluorescence Stereomicroscope

A model M165FC fluorescence stereomicroscope (Leica Microsystems), is the platform for the low magnification end of imaging capabilities, from a 3 centimeter-wide field of view to spatial resolution near one micrometer with 0.63X and 2.0X objective lenses. This tool includes a CCD color camera (model DFC 310 FX) and operates through Leica Application Suite imaging software.

  • Flexible transmitted and reflected illumination
  • Zoom magnification
  • Image coding
  • TripleBeamâ„¢ optics
  • Filters for UV, violet, GFP and red fluorescence
  • Integrated CCD color camera and operating software

Acquisition of this equipment was supported by the National Science Foundation
under MRI-DBI-0959817.

Leica M165FC Instruction Manual