S-3400N II Scanning Electron Microscope

The S-3400N Type II scanning electron microscope was manufactured by Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., (, Pleasanton, CA.  Applications include topographical and compositional imaging of sputter-coated/non-coated, conductive/non-conductive bulk or microscopic samples mounted on a variety of sample stubs under high vacuum or low vacuum conditions in the specimen chamber. 


  • Spatial resolution, 3 nm at 30 kV (high vacuum mode),
  • 10 nm at 3 kV (high vacuum mode), 4 nm at 30 kV (low vacuum mode)
  • Accelerating voltages- 0.3 kV to ~30 kV
  • Specimen stage- 100 mm x translation, 50 mm y translation, 65 mm z range,
  • Rotation range 3600, tilt range -20 to 900
  • Magnification range- 5x to 300,000x


  • Energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis system (Noran System Six 300, Thermo Electron Corp., Madison, WI)
  • Eucentric, 5 axes motorized stage
  • Secondary electron detector
  • Backscatter detector
  • Variable pressure environment mode
  • Peltier specimen cold stage MK3, (Deben, Ltd)
  • Automatic alignments, focus control and stigmation


Acquisition of this equipment was supported by the National Science Foundation
under MRI-DBI-0520956.