TCS SP5 II Confocal Microscope

This microscope system offers many of the latest developments in confocal optical imaging. It provides eight laser lines from five lasers bridging the UV and VIS spectrum for excitation, and it supports five flexible confocal detection channels of emission or reflection and one transmission channel along with many modes of operation through a customized and flexible user interface, on an inverted microscope base. The operation is supported by sample preparation equipment, a model CM1850 cryostat microtome and Stadie-Riggs tissue slicer for specialized applications. Current projects include diverse studies by faculty, staff and students in the Colleges of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Arts and Sciences and Engineering.

  • Seven objective lenses covering a broad range of magnifications, 10X-100X.
  • Digital zoom
  • Adjustable emission detector channels
  • Quantitative imaging
  • Three dimensional visualization
  • Consistent, high performance

Acquisition of this equipment was supported by the National Science Foundation
under MRI-DBI-0959817