The following are fees charged for the usage of CURRL equipment. 

Tool Charges

Transmission Electron Microscope (H-7650) $34 per hour
Scanning Electron Microscope (S-3400N) $34 per hour
Energy Dispersive (x-ray) Spectroscopy, Elemental Mapping $34 per hour
Tabletop SEM (TM-1000) $34 per hour
Broadband Confocal Microscope (TCS SP5 II) $34 per hour
Ultramicrotome (UC6) $34 per hour
Atomic Force Microscope  $34 per hour

Sample Processing

Embedding for thin sectioning $30 per sample
Sputter Coating $25 per run
Critical Point Drying $25 per run
Heavy Metal Staining $7 per block
Negative Staining $7 per grid


Coated grid $3.50
Adhesive C tab $1.00
Aluminum sample stub $1.00 each

Technical Support

CURRL Staff $35 per hour